Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

“Tuscantaste di Claudia Rossi” is a registered Tour Operator and Company as authorized by the Province of Pisa on March 26th, 2015, code REA PI-186097, C.F. RSSCLD83R44G702O and VAT no. 02165370509. The travel agency and all the tours/travel organized by it are insured, maximum coverage and guarantees by police insurance VITTORIA ASSICURAZIONI # 571.014.0000907379.


Usually, 25 % of the fee must be paid at the time of booking and the balance 45 days before the service takes place. Therefore on each occasion, the client, together with the owner of the agency, will agree upon an amount and time of payment, because each trip, excursion, cooking class, airport transfers and any other tourist service is realised upon demand.
We accept the following form of payment:
1) Credit card (Visa and MasterCard)
2) Wire transfers (bank details will be emailed)
3) Cash (just for services required at/after the arrival in Italy)


Because of the nature of the tourist services organized by “Tuscantaste di Claudia Rossi” which are, as described above, always different and require time, a compensation fee of 25 % will be retained in case of cancellation within a reasonable time. Further, a fee of 25 % will apply if the trip or any other tourist service is cancelled 20 days before the trip/travel takes place. A total of 75 % of the whole fee will be kept if the trip/excursion is cancelled between 10 and 20 days before the trip. No reimbursement is due if the trip is cancelled less than 10 days before the trip.


The owner of the Travel Agency nor any other member of the staff (guides, drivers, tour leaders, cooking teachers, etc.) can be held responsible for damage to people or objects, loss or delays, change of itinerary, nor for injuries, death, damages, loss or delays caused by any kind of transport or for any other reason such as broken down vehicles, theft, industrial action, terroristic attack, weather condition such as a volcano ashes, which are beyond the control of Tuscantaste, the owner Claudia Rossi or any of the staff rendering their services.


The contract shall be subject to Italian law.
The seat of arbitration for any controversy arising out of, or in connection with, this contract is Pisa